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Back to School: Part 2

Today was my last “first class” for this semester. I had CMPUT 410 this morning, which is “Web Based Information Systems”. Here’s the description and objectives from the CS site: Overview of Web technologies and applications. This course is project based and addresses issues such as web-based applications and databases design and implementation, XML data… Reads more »

Tomorrow’s Education

Here are some notes on Kathy Gill and Paul Vogelzang’s session on tomorrow’s education: The premise here is that students at the University level are still working with newspapers, and old media, and don’t get the connection when someone says “Flickr.” Maybe in the US it’s different, but in my experience, University students are pretty… Reads more »

Advertising in textbooks – bad idea!

One of my biggest disappointments with University so far is that the textbooks we are forced to buy really are not that useful. Not to mention they are outrageously expensive. I can use a computer textbook in one class for example, but probably not any others. And the chances of me using it outside of… Reads more »