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Super Tuesday 2008

Today is the big day! Twenty-four states are holding their caucuses and/or primaries today in the United States – it’s known as Super Tuesday. The results have already started to come in, and if you’d like to follow along, here are some handy online resources: Decision 2008 map from Google Maps and Twitter Election 08… Reads more »

Make elections greener – Internet voting!

Today is election day here in Edmonton. Today is also Blog Action Day. Better together? Let’s find out! It should be pretty clear that election day means we’re voting for our city mayor, councillors, and school board trustees, but what is Blog Action Day all about? From the website: On October 15th, bloggers around the… Reads more »

Bush accepts responsibility for Iraq

On the eve of historic parliamentary elections in Iraq, US President George W. Bush has finally accepted responsibility for the debacle otherwise known as the war in Iraq. More specifically, he acknowledged that intelligence failed, but remained confident in his decision to go to war in Iraq. “It is true that much of the intelligence… Reads more »