Coming Soon: Taco Del Mar

Post ImageChances are you’ll see a Taco Del Mar here in Edmonton before the year is out. Never heard of them? That’s okay, I hadn’t either. I don’t remember seeing them in Seattle where they started either:

Taco Del Mar opened on June 8, 1992 on Pier 57 in Seattle’s historic waterfront district. The founders, brothers James and John Schmidt, created a name and logo that reflected the signature menu items—the Fish Tacos and Mission-Style Burritos.

James “discovered” fish tacos while studying at the University of California at San Diego in the late ’80s. His inspiration for Taco Del Mar was the funky shoreline shacks that dotted the Southern California and Baja beaches, feeding big burritos and fish tacos to the hungry surfers and beach crowd. There was something about the food that was incredibly real, fresh, fast, flavorful and very filling.

Sounds pretty interesting, though I’m not sure how well they’ll do in good old beef country (though there are beef and chicken items too). From today’s press release:

Taco Del Mar, a Seattle-based quick service restaurant chain specializing in Baja style “mondo burritos and rippin’ tacos,” announced today it has successfully completed negotiations with British Columbia based TDM Federal Holdings, Inc. to develop restaurants across Canada. The deal could produce 300 Taco Del Mar franchises in Canada over the next four years, and nearly double that by 2014.

The 2006 focus will be to launch Taco Del Mar in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

I’d be interested in giving the place a shot. Their menu looks good anyway!

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The Arch Card

I was browsing around looking for the McDonald’s McDeal menu (which is apparently different depending on what province you’re in, and no I didn’t find it, the McDonald’s Canada website is completely useless, and yes I know it off by heart for Alberta) and came across this post on the McChronicles weblog:

McDonald’s has rolled out their Arch Card, just in time for the holidays. It’s a great idea.

The McChronicles usually bristles at the concept of debit cards (giving an institution a free cash loan – with the risk of losing the card or leaving change on the card). But these cards offer a great way to give the gift of a nice McDonald’s meal, in denominations as small as $5. That’s cool especially around the holiday season.

You can think of the Arch Card like the Starbucks card – you can load it up (in store only for the time being) and check your balance and recent purchase history online. I think the “free cash loan” idea the McChronicles mention is funny, though correct. Personally, I’d be more worried that using the card will make it seem like I am not spending as much money as I actually am. That’s what happens with my Starbucks card!

Unfortunately, no word on if or when we’re going to get the Arch Card in Canada. Considering it only appeared in the United States last month, it might take a while. Cool idea though!

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