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Google buys DoubleClick

In a way it’s pretty incredible that “Google” has become synonymous with search. It really should make you think of advertising, and perhaps in 25 years, it will. Today Google ventured further down that rabbit hole, acquiring one of the web’s oldest ad companies (via Scoble): Google reached an agreement today to acquire DoubleClick, the… Reads more »

Powerset secures rights to search tech

Powerset is back in the news again (you may recall they were ‘discovered’ back in October), this time for winning the exclusive rights to search technology developed at the famed Palo Alto Research Center in Silicon Valley. The technology essentially allows Powerset to understand the meaning of your search query (you know, “natural language” as… Reads more »

Google Video searches YouTube

Google announced today that it has integrated YouTube results into Google Video. This is the beginning of a transition for Google Video from hosting provider to search. Liz over at NewTeeVee wonders if this is necessary: In thinking about video search, we’ve been concerned that with the huge number of videos coming into and and… Reads more »

Wikiasari Search Engine

The Times of London is reporting that Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, is planning to launch a search engine next year in collaboration with Dubbed Wikiasari, the search engine will allow users to rank web pages in an effort to create more accurate results (via Techmeme): “Essentially, if you consider one of the basic… Reads more »

Thirsty for Podcasting News in 2006

Google released their annual zeitgeist for 2006 recently, and the top searches proved to be quite different than those found on Yahoo’s annual listing. Google’s top ten terms are mostly technology-related, while Yahoo’s are entertainment-related. Also different were the news searches. Coming in at number four on the top searches for Google News is podcasting!… Reads more »

Google tests Audio Ads for radio…but why?

Google started testing their radio advertising service, dubbed Google Audio Ads, today. It’s one of the hottest topics in the blogosphere right now. We have known about it for a long time, and it sounds really great (in terms of the technology), but I still don’t get it. Let me explain. Given this: The radio… Reads more »

Wow…Google Checkout really hates Canada

You may recall that when Google launched their Checkout service back in June, I posted about how Canadian merchants were left out in the cold. I went back to the site every couple weeks hoping to see that Canada had been added as a valid merchant country, but it never happened. I gave up around… Reads more »

Coming together to support Sitemaps

As much as I enjoy reading about how Microsoft plans to defeat Google and how Google has trumped Yahoo and started on their way to ruling the world, it always gives me a good feeling when I read about the three giants working together. Sitemaps are the latest technology that Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo have… Reads more »

Ben Metcalfe rips apart Google

Google made an interesting post to their official blog yesterday, titled Do you “Google?” which aside from being extremely calculated and condescending, slightly mocks Yahoo (you know, do you Yahoo?). The post explains that you can’t use “google” and “search” interchangeably, because they don’t want to become genericized like so many other names have (elevator,… Reads more »