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Google Analytics Very Slow!

I’m not exactly sure when Google released their new Analytics service, but it was recently. Apart from being the cleanest looking of all the various Google offerings, it looks like one of the most useful services too. Who doesn’t want to know more information on their website traffic? Here’s what Analytics is all about: Google… Reads more »

Microsoft Live – all about services

To truly understand what the new Windows Live and Office Live services are all about, you need not look any further than Microsoft itself. Thanks to the magic that is Robert Scoble, we get a very honest description: Yesterday will be remembered not because of what we announced. But because of the direction we’re now… Reads more »

Dare on Google

Lots of stuff out there on Google again lately, as is usual now I guess. John introduced us this morning to Google Base, and the Google Print debate has been roaring for weeks now. My favorite comments on the subject come from Dare Obasanjo though: By any measure, Google is multi-billion dollar, multinational corporation. However… Reads more »

The New Splog

Back in April of 2004 I was posting about something I called “splogging“. Basically it was the repeated and never-ending activity of leaving comments on someone’s blog post, essentially, spam comments. At the time, it was funny, because I was using this against friends! Eventually spam comments became a real problem, and it was no… Reads more »

More on Google Wifi

I am sure we’ll continue to see lots of news emerge about Google and the plan to offer free wireless access to all of San Francisco, but this Reuters story already caught my eye: San Francisco has received more than 24 separate proposals to provide free, wireless Internet services citywide from vendors including Web search… Reads more »

Google Wifi in San Francisco

It seems that Google has officially submitted a bid to the city of San Francisco to build a city-wide free wireless Internet service. Om Malik broke the story late yesterday, noting: Google officials say San Francisco residents (and visitors) will enjoy a free 300 kilobits per second, always on connection anywhere in the city. As… Reads more »

Google turns 7, hides index

Did you know that Google is now seven years old? Yep, their birthday was yesterday I believe, and the front page is still sporting the birthday logo. Here’s what the official Google blog has to say: Google opened its doors in September 1998, and we’ve been pursuing one mission ever since: to organize the world’s… Reads more »