Hockey Hall of Fame

Post ImageAs I mentioned previously, Dickson and I went to the Hockey Hall of Fame yesterday while we were in Toronto. It was pretty cool to be Edmonton Oiler fans from Edmonton the day after we secured our spot in the Western Conference finals at the hall of fame for the great sport of hockey! I ended up posting 56 pictures of my trip, which you can check out at Flickr.

So like I said, I somehow thought the place would be bigger, area-wise. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty big, just not the size I envisioned. There is a section for the IIHF and international hockey, the main trophy room, a section for NHL dynastys, a Legends section (with people like Gretzky), a local hockey section, a broadcast section, a historic merchandise section, a Montreal Canadians section, and a “shooting game” section. There’s also a couple of theatres, and a fairly large gift shop. I think I most enjoyed the dynasty section and the legends section, lots of really interesting stuff.

We got to the hall of fame around 11 AM, and there wasn’t that many people there. By the time we left, a large group of students had arrived and were creating quite a ruckus. The website says the average visit length is three hours, but were only there a little longer than an hour. I guess if you read everything and took in one of the shows in the theatres, you could be there quite a while.

I quite enjoyed my visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame, and I’d suggest that any hockey fan who gets the chance should check out it.

Toronto Trip Day 2

Well the conference wrapped up today, and aside from that, we didn’t do too much. We wandered around this evening trying to find a Wendy’s (for the recently returned Bacon Mushroom Melt) but came up empty. We settled for McDonalds instead (no shortage of those), where Dickson finally learned that the McDeals are gone (have been for weeks now!). We also watched more TV than we should have.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, and in the evening, Ashish is joining us for the broadway production of The Lord of The Rings. Unfortunately, the show is the same time as the Oiler game, so I will be following along on my cell phone. If it’s really close near the end, I’m planning to ditch the show to find a TV. I am quite confident the Oilers will take the series tomorrow night however. If you’re in Edmonton, get some pictures of the parade (starts at noon) for me!

I’m still pretty tired, so I think I’ll sleep in a little tomorrow. Certainly not getting up at 7 again (5 in Edmonton) if I don’t have to! Hopefully the weather is nice here tomorrow, I hear it’s going to be lovely in Edmonton! Though I suppose it could be worse, I could be in Inuvik where they got a little bit of every season today (yep, it snowed!).