Huffington Post Update

When I last wrote about the Huffington Post, I expressed that it seemed like a very cool experiment. It has now been just over a week since the site launched, and I thought it would be good to take another look.

I’ve been subscribed ever since it started, and let me tell you, there’s never a shortage of content. There are always new items popping up in my aggregator, so I rather like that. There are a few things I don’t like about the feed however:

  • On the newswire posts, you have to click through to the website to get the link to the story. Major pain! Link to the story from within the post please!
  • The posts come down into my aggregator with the Author name, so including that name again before the content of the post seems redundant. Might be required for online aggregators though?
  • I subscribe to the raw feed, so I get blog posts and news items. It would be nice if they appeared different somehow.

I suppose I haven’t really decided whether or not I like the content. I have found a few interesting posts, but I find you have to dig a bit. I’m not the only one with comments on the site though! Larry Borsato notes:

Let’s face it though, the Huffington Post isn’t much of a blog; they don’t have comments or trackbacks, so they aren’t really trying to engage in a conversation. They have a user agreement, and they are protectionist about copyright, though they do acknowledge fair use (since they expect to use the content of others). It’s more like a celebrities-only op-ed page, and the don’t accept letters from readers.

Good point. Blogging is all about the conversation, and it’s a shame that the Huffington Post is doing such a good job of stifling that. The problem is noted on the Neo Warmonger blog too.

Actually most of the comments I have seen so far have been negative. But I suppose we’re still talking about the site, and that’s all Arianna and her friends can ask for. How does the saying go? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Is there a similar saying for parody? Check out Huffington’s Toast. Ah that made me laugh 🙂

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Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington launched today the Huffington Post, which is a 300 person group blog. The tagline of the new site reads “Delivering news and opinion since May 9th, 2005.” Who’s opinion you ask? Arianna has signed up quite the list of contributors:

Her marquee names — Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Geffen, Rob Reiner, Albert Brooks, Bill Maher, Larry David — aren’t exactly hurting for ways to get their message out.

Huffington’s Hollywood pals — who also include such writers and producers as David Mamet, Norman Lear, Mike Nichols and Aaron Sorkin — are just the neon attractions. She is also touting Walter Cronkite, Gary Hart, Arthur Schlesinger, Mort Zuckerman, Vernon Jordan and Bobby Kennedy Jr.And while the blog is heavy on left-wingers, she has reached out to the right, luring the likes of John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, Tony Blankley of the Washington Times and National Review’s David Frum.

To my knowledge, this is a pretty unique experiment for the blogosphere, and one which I am sure will be watched very closely. The site has some investors, but the point of the Post does not seem to be making money.

She envisions the blog as a big dinner party, with chatter “about politics and books and art and music and food and sex.” Huffington insists her effort isn’t just about the boldface names; she’s lined up some college kids and a friend’s 11-year-old daughter. “My dream is that we’ll create new blogging stars,” she says.

I hope it’s worth reading. I’ve subscribed for now!

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