Recap: Start Me Up at ICE 2009

Tonight at the ICE Technology Conference, six local software startups demoed their wares to about 50 other technology professionals at Start Me Up. The event was designed to help bridge the gap between the CIPS (old school) and startup (new school) communities, and I think it achieved that to a certain extent. The demos tonight included:

Start Me UpStart Me Up

The format of the evening would have been familiar to anyone who has attended DemoCamp in the past, but for many in the room it was brand new. Much to my delight, everyone seemed to enjoy it, and there was definitely no lack of questions, comments, and feedback for the demoers. For someone like myself, who has seen all of these demos in the past, it was still very interesting because each one had something new to show. I also found the audience remarks quite intriguing (they asked different things than the typical DemoCamp crowd, as you can imagine).

I think the attendance tonight could have been a bit better, but it was still quite good for a first-time event. One of the people in the audience suggested that the event be moved to lunchtime next year, so that more of the conference-goers could attend. It’s a good idea, and shows that there’s both the potential and the desire for Start Me Up to grow.

Thank you to our demoers for the evening, and to Erin and her organizing team for recognizing the value of connecting with Edmonton’s startup community and making this event happen!

Start Me Up at ICE 2009

The ICE Technology Conference takes place at the Shaw Conference Centre from November 2nd to 4th, and this year they’ve added an event for Edmonton startups! ICE Coordinator Erin Edwards recognized that ICE’s audience is skewed toward older, enterprise tech types, and wanted to try to reach a different demographic. She reached out to Cam and I to help. The result, is Start Me Up:

Start Me Up taps into the power of the whole IT community, bringing together ICE participants and local innovators in an open forum of displays, discussion and demonstration. The centrepiece of the night is a speed round- six start-ups with 15 minutes each (and no access to PowerPoint!) to show their stuff and answer questions. For ICE participants, it’s a chance to get to know your start-up neighbours, see what’s new and fresh, maybe find a springboard for your own ideas. For start-ups, this offers the opportunity to shine a light on your work, collect impressions and inspiration, and connect with the wider community.

I’m excited for another opportunity to bridge the old school-new school gap that exists in the Edmonton tech community. Start Me Up will feature six local startups:

Additionally, ENTS and other local organizations will be on hand. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend, and if you want to display your idea or otherwise get more involved, email

Also taking place that evening is the ICE Cap Reception and a presentation by Jeremy Gutsche on Exploiting Chaos (free for conference attendees, $35 for everyone else). More details here.

For more information on the ICE Conference, check out their website or follow them on Twitter. You can also check out Start Me Up on ShareEdmonton.

See you there!