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Look out Amazon: Here comes Microsoft’s Cloud OS

If you’ve been following the news about Windows Live Core, also referred to as “Cloud OS”, then today’s article at probably is nothing new. Still, it’s a good overview of what is known thus far: In addition to making available its existing services, such as mail and instant messaging, Microsoft also will create core… Reads more »

Get ready for a major Microsoft product launch in February

November of 2005 was an important month for Microsoft developers as Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 were launched. Technically BizTalk Server 2006 was part of the launch too, but it kind of took a backseat to the other two products. I doubt that will happen with the next big launch, coming in February… Reads more »

Microsoft Surface – Surface Computing Has Arrived

Microsoft Surface is insanely cool. I mean uber cool. Seriously, go watch the videos and tell me you’re not excited (Channel 10 has a longer video and Popular Mechanics also has a video). If there was ever a question about whether or not Microsoft can innovate, that question has been answered. Sure, similar ideas have… Reads more »

Facebook is the web application Microsoft should have built

Yesterday at an event called f8, Facebook launched their new “platform” which enables third party companies to integrate applications right inside of Facebook. Mashable has a pretty good overview of thirty such applications. Everything about the Facebook Platform seems fairly ballsy, but you can’t argue with statistics like these: Facebook is growing 3% per week,… Reads more »