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World Password Day 2018

There really is a day for everything and today it’s World Password Day! With the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately you’re probably thinking about cleaning, gardening, and all of the other renewal-driven projects that this time of year brings. Though we’d rather be outside, spending a few minutes to “spring clean” your digital security… Reads more »

Putting my New Year’s energy to good use

I’m not really a fan of New Year’s resolutions, though like many people I often feel re-energized at the start of a new year. Instead of putting that energy into a list of year-long tasks or goals that would inevitably be abandoned, I decided this year that I’d try to capitalize on that energy to… Reads more »

Would you give your password for theatre tickets?

This news is a few days old, but organizers for the Infosecurity Europe trade show have completed their “annual pulse-taking of people’s susceptibility to social engineering.” This year, they asked individuals for private information in return for theatre tickets: Claire Sellick approached a woman in London’s tony theater district with a clipboard and a chance… Reads more »