Corel to go public

Post ImageCorel is one of those companies that never seems to die, nor does it ever do anything amazing. As Seth Godin would say, they need a purple cow! The Canadian company (and I’ll be honest, the fact that they are Canadian is the only reason I care about this at all) has decided to go public, apparently to pay off some debts:

Canadian software maker Corel filed with U.S. regulators on Tuesday for an initial public offering of up to 8 million shares at $18 to $20 a share.

Corel estimated that it would generate $82.9 million in net proceeds from the offering and an additional $90 million from a new credit facility. According to the offering document, Corel intends to use the combined proceeds to pay off $144.9 million in existing debt and financing fees.

The company strikes me as one without focus, or at least, too many different focuses. CorelDRAW and WordPerfect Office do not seem to be complimentary products. Seems to me there wouldn’t be a lot of synergy between the two. I guess what I mean is that there can only be one Adobe!

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Purple Cow

Post ImageOne of the items we got in our Gnomedex goodie-bags was a book! Yes, a real book. I thought it was a pretty cool idea for swag, to give away books. Anyway, the book was Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow”:

Cows, after you’ve seen one, or two, or ten, are boring. A Purple Cow, though…now that would be something. Purple Cow describes something phenomenal, something counterintuitive and exciting and flat out unbelievable.

You’re either a Purple Cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice.

The above quoted text is taken from the book’s description. Unfortunately, now that you’ve read that little paragraph, you don’t need to read the book, because that’s about all it says. Seth spends 160 pages explaining just what a purple cow is.

Yes, I thought the book was interesting. No, I didn’t find it that useful. I mean, of course marketing is going to be easier when you start with a great product, that’s common sense isn’t it? The fact that Seth wrapped it up into a concept with a funky name doesn’t change that. There are dozens of other books out there that preach the same thing.

The book does have a few positives though. It’s a very quick read, so it won’t take up a lot of your time if you do decide to read it. And Seth has written the book in such a way that the read is stimulating, not boring. Still, I think there are better books to spend your money on.

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