Oilers lose ten straight

Post ImageJust got back from the Oilers game. The Blues were in town tonight, complete with a bunch of ex-Oilers like Dvorak and Brewer (both of whom got points tonight). The Oil came into the game having lost their last nine games, and I was hoping my presence would stop the streak from going to ten. It didn’t.

You can read a game recap here. Dickson scored the tickets from a friend, and they were excellent – section 136, row 3. I don’t think I have ever sat that close before. We were right near the attacking zone blue line. It’s quite different seeing someone get crunched on the boards when you’re that close, let me tell you!

We also had club access, which is basically a mini-concourse downstairs. The club access is really nice because the bathrooms and bars are far less busy than those on the main concourse. We didn’t see any food vendors though, so maybe you still have to go back upstairs for that.

Anyway, we lost in overtime (I was hoping to see a shootout). That makes ten straight, just one away from matching the franchise record. The only positives now are seeing the young guys get some experience (and goals).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Arctic Monkeys

Post ImageIf you haven’t heard of the Arctic Monkeys yet, you will soon enough. I was introduced to them a few weeks ago when I heard their single “I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor” (yes, like Fallout Boy they seem to enjoy incredibly long song names) and I have really started to like them since. And I am not the only one apparently:

The musical impact the Arctic Monkeys have had in the past six months, on a global scale, is astonishing.

Not content with creating the fastest- selling British debut album of all time in the shape of Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, the band have also made serious inroads into a fickle American market with a record that is based on the British vernacular experience.

That’s right, fastest-selling British debut album of all time. Faster than Oasis, The Beatles, you name it. If you know nothing about popular culture, that’s fast kids! Apparently the band still isn’t used to the celebrity parties, despite having already met stars like Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg.

I encourage you to check them out! They have a very unique sound (and a unique name for that matter) and have been getting rave reviews for their concerts. The band also seems to “get” the current trends in pop culture – they have a MySpace profile!

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