Seagate says 300 TB by 2010

Post ImageIt’s hard to imagine that in just three years a single hard drive could store 300 TB, but we’ve been here before. Five years ago, who would have thought we’d have the 750 GB drives that we do today! Seagate claims the larger drives are on the way:

To pull the 300 TB rabbit out of the hat, technology comes to the rescue once again. This time, Seagate will use a technology called heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR). These isn’t much detail on exactly how this works, but a single square inch of hard disk space will be able to store 50 TB of data.

It would totally suck to lose 300 TB of data, though like the article says, if they are the norm then buy two and back it all up!

You might wonder how you’d ever fill a 300 TB drive. I used to wonder that about my 200 GB drive, and now I have two of them plus a larger 300 GB drive. We’ll find a way to use the space. Always have, always will.

Read: iTWire