Chicken Snack Wrap

Post ImageI haven’t been watching much TV lately, so if there were commercials for McDonald’s new Chicken Snack Wrap, I didn’t see them. The first time I had heard of the sandwich was when I stopped in for a quick dinner last night. Apparently I had good timing, because this press release is dated yesterday!

In an effort to meet increasing demands from Canadian customers for quality food they can eat on-the-go, McDonald’s Canada today introduced a highly-portable snacking option with the launch of the new Chicken Snack WrapT.

The new Chicken Snack Wrap, available at participating McDonald’s restaurants across Canada beginning April 10 for only $1.79 plus tax, has warm, juicy seasoned and breaded all-white chicken breast meat, topped with a creamy ranch sauce, crisp lettuce, shredded Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, all freshly wrapped in a soft, flour tortilla.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I gave it a chance. And I quite enjoyed it! It tastes real, as bad as that sounds, not like something you’d normally get at McD’s. According to their nutrition calculator, the Chicken Snack Wrap will set you back 320 calories.

The only thing I would change would be to make it $1.39 like all of the times on the Real Deal menu.

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