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Hold developers liable for flaws?

That’s what one so-called “expert” thinks should happen. While most people will agree that security is a major issue, not everyone agrees on what should be done to combat security problems. This suggestion has got to be the most creative and ridiculous one I’ve come across: Software developers should be held personally accountable for the… Reads more »


Today was a busy day for events. This evening Dickson and I attended a presentation at the University of Alberta by Gennux Microsystems Corp., a relatively new Edmonton-based company. They make an anti-spam product called eW@LL Mail which they say is unique in that it does not use content filtering like the vast majority of… Reads more »

Upside Software

This afternoon the Faculty of Science hosted the first ever Executive Business Seminar for Computing Sciences. These seminars bring real executives from the computer industry to talk to students and faculty about their business, the challenges they have faced, and of course the technology they use. The Faculty of Science has been hosting similar seminars… Reads more »

Winamp Supports Podcasts

Podcasting News is reporting today that popular music player Winamp has added support for podcasting in their new version, 5.1: WinAmp lets users play music and video files, features a media library, SHOUTcast radio and TV, skins, visualizations and an integrated podcast directory. I don’t use Winamp, so the new feature doesn’t really make a… Reads more »

Happy Birthday Microsoft

Today Microsoft rented out Safeco Field in Seattle to hold a company meeting with over 16,000 employees attending. In addition to talking about the incredible list of upcoming products, the company celebrated it’s 30th anniversary: “As I think about the last 30 years,” said Gates, commenting on the anniversary, “I’m most proud of our making… Reads more »

Ford vs. Microsoft

Fellow blogger Larry Borsato and I have a friendly little discussion taking place in which we’re comparing Ford and Microsoft. It started with Larry’s comments on Microsoft’s $100 million campaign promoting the new version of Office and the comment I made on that post. Larry then posted a pretty indepth comparison of Ford and Microsoft:… Reads more »

When should you release software?

When Dickson and I saw Google Talk the other day, an old discussion about when software should be released was renewed. The application was so basic and underwhelming that we couldn’t help but think they should have waited longer to release it. Usually Dickson thinks that software should be released when it’s more complete, whereas… Reads more »

Google Web Accelerator

Google announced on Wednesday the release of Google Web Accelerator, beta of course. Basically it’s an Internet accelerator, designed simply to make your web browsing experience faster. Here’s how it works: Sending your page requests through Google machines dedicated to handling Google Web Accelerator traffic. Storing copies of frequently looked at pages to make them… Reads more »