Sports bra monitors your heart

Health-related technology seems to be one of the most popular and innovative areas of research lately, with really interesting projects like this sports bra from Numetrex:

A sports bra from Numetrex picks up a runner’s heartbeat and sends the signal down to a computer attached onto a waistband or worn on the wrist. The system effectively cuts out the sometimes uncomfortable attachable sensors that runners and cyclists generally have to use if they want to monitor their heart.

The bra sells for $45, or $115 in a bundle with a Polar watch and transmitter.

Seems like a very good idea to me, makes a lot of sense. It also looks pretty much like a normal sports bra, which means there shouldn’t be too many reasons to stay away (except, presumably, price – though I have no idea how much sports bras normally cost). It’ll be interesting to see what other kinds of electronic fabrics we see. Even something like a pedometer built into your pants or shoes would be useful!

Read: CNET