Edmonton's Historic Streetcar

Post ImageIt’s amazing how long you can live in a city, and still not explore everything it has to offer. Today was one of those “wow, didn’t realize that existed” days for me. The adult learning class I volunteer for (the students are from the inner-city and learn reading but mostly writing) was taking a field trip today, on Edmonton’s historic streetcar. I had never been on the streetcar before, and actually, I don’t even remember seeing it. I guess that was what amazed me most, that I could be so oblivious.

Mother nature didn’t really want to cooperate, with brief showers every now and then. As soon as we’d go inside, it would be sunny, and yet when we went back out, it would rain again! Our group is a positive bunch though, and the rain didn’t dampen our spirits. My job was to take pictures of the trip, so I ended up with about seventy. Thank goodness for digital!

The streetcar itself was rather interesting! I spoke with the conductor for a while, and he was explaining some of the history. You can read a little about it at the Edmonton Transit site. I found the ride quite short though, I expected it to last longer. It was rather neat to go across the top of the high level bridge, which I cross many times a week by car. The conductor even stopped halfway across so I could snap a few photos. Apparently it is the tallest streetcar bridge in the world.

Next week when the group meets, we’ll write about today’s experience on the streetcar, so I am looking forward to what everyone has to say! If you live in Edmonton and haven’t yet been on the streetcar, why not go for a quick ride? You might even learn something!

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