Calgary Tech

Post ImageAs you’re probably aware, I live in Edmonton, so I know all about the infamous and never-ending Battle of Alberta. And yes it totally sucked watching the Flames make it to the finals. While the battle between Edmonton and Calgary is usually thought of in terms of sports, I think it applies to other industries as well, like technology.

Why does Calgary seem so much more favorable to tech firms than Edmonton? Is it really that much closer to the States? Not really, so there must be another reason. While searching for electronics and robotics stuff today, Andrew and I discovered that there are far more related stores in Calgary than here in Edmonton. Heck even the Western Canadian Robot Games were held in Calgary at SAIT this year.

There is other stuff too! Like the programming competition that Dickson and I won back in January – that took place in Calgary, not Edmonton. A search on Google for Calgary gives 23,900,000 results while a similar search for Edmonton returns only 16,300,000 results. Google’s satellite maps show street level detail for Calgary, but not for Edmonton. Techvibes has 3 pages of technology companies for Edmonton, but 6 for Calgary!

I don’t know why, but we’re currently losing the technology battle of Alberta!