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A couple of weeks ago Tod Maffin was in Edmonton to broadcast and record his video show, I went down to the Hotel MacDonald to check it out, and it turns out I was the only one in Edmonton who went! What’s the deal with that local tech people?!

Anyway, we couldn’t get the live stream going, so we went outside to record it. Tod talked about his LG Cherry Chocolate phone, then we did a quick interview about Paramagnus and Podcast Spot.

You can watch the 12 minute video here. Thanks Tod!


Tod Maffin and CBCunplugged

Post ImageThose of you following the current CBC labour dispute have no doubt been impacted in some form by Tod Maffin. He’s the guy behind, which has emerged as sort of “home away from home” for many former CBC writers, producers, and hosts. Tod not only got the ball rolling, but has been a major reason it has continued rolling, so it’s kind of disappointing to see he’s “stepping off the grid“:

This will be the last post for me. I’m going to “step off the grid,” as we nerds say. I’ll keep reading blogs and the comments here, but I’m going to take a rest for a bit from posting and checking my email obsessively. Luckily, there are plenty of great bloggers like Robin, Drone, Hadeel, John, Dan, and Matt who will, I hope, continue to report on what’s new. Thanks so much to everyone who’s posted comments and emailed. I will try to get back to each of you, though it might take me some time, as I’ll be off the grid for a while.

He then goes on to give a bit of a history on the site. Definitely worth a read. Good luck Tod! And does this mean your blog will come back to life?