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ETS Centennial Week: September 12-20, 2008

Today marks the start of Transit Centennial Week here in Edmonton, celebrating 100 years of public transit in our city. The official proclamation occurred today from 11am until noon at City Hall. All week you’ll be able to find displays, special events, free tours, and more. The festivities get underway this evening at 7pm in… Reads more »

Banff Day 2

Faced with the prospect of $24 for the day for parking or walking for an hour in the rain, I decided this morning to make my way to the Fairmont Banff Springs on the Roam bus. I didn’t know this, but as of June 2nd, Banff is home to Canada’s first all-hybrid bus fleet. Adult… Reads more »

ETS Pilots

I take the train to work and school every day, except for the weekends and days like last Friday that I just take off completely. Normally, it’s the same thing day after day. Today however, when I took the train from Stadium to the University, things were different! You know on the airplane right after… Reads more »