What the Truck?! at Capital Boulevard on September 9, 2017

As you can tell by the beautiful weather we’ve been having this week, summer isn’t done quite yet! There’s still time to enjoy tasty food truck eats at our final What the Truck?! event of the season:

WHAT: What the Truck?! 2017 Season Wrap-up
WHEN: Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 12pm to 7pm
WHERE: Capital Boulevard (108 Street & 99 Avenue)
RSVP: On Facebook

If this is your first time attending one of our events, be sure to read our tips & tricks. Here is the line-up and here are the menus.

What the Truck?! at Capital Boulevard

I think 2017 has been a great year for food trucks in Edmonton. With around 100 trucks and no shortage of opportunities to patronize them, our city’s food truck scene has continued the momentum built over the last few years. For What the Truck?!, it has been a year of transition. After Saturday we will have run just two of our own events this season. In many ways we have accomplished what we originally set out to, so the way we can best support food trucks in Edmonton is changing. We do that behind-the-scenes with our Book the Trucks form and we’re working on how best to use our network to grow the scene further. To that end, I’m excited that Cindy and Diane have joined our team in recent months to help with social media and communications! I’ll write more about that on the What the Truck?! site soon.

Keep up-to-date on food trucks in Edmonton by following What the Truck?! on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And to see where the trucks are, be sure to download the Street Food App.

See you on Saturday at Capital Boulevard!

Final What the Truck?! event of the season is Friday at Churchill Square!

What a season we’ve had for food trucks in Edmonton! We’re up to well over 70 trucks in the Edmonton area now, which is great news for diners looking for diverse menu options and lots of selection. We’ve had a good year with What the Truck?! more specifically as well. By the time our season is done this weekend, we’ll have featured more than 60 different trucks at our events and already this year we’ve connected 250 events with food trucks.

What the Truck?! at Churchill Square
May 2015 was our busiest event ever

It might have been a chilly long weekend but summer is not over yet! Our final event of the season is going to be Edmonton’s biggest yet, with 35 trucks participating:

What: What the Truck?!
Where: Sir Winston Churchill Square
When: Friday, September 11, 2015
Time: 4-8pm
RSVP on Facebook!

You can check out the full lineup and menus here. This is our second event of the year at Churchill Square, as we started the season there back in May.

If you came to the May event this year and had a negative experience, I’d encourage you to give the event another shot. We’re always learning and trying to improve things, and we’ve worked with the food trucks to make some behind-the-scenes changes that should help. The number of menu items has been reduced, we’ve implemented a line-management system so that you don’t get stuck waiting for something that is sold out, and of course we have ten more trucks! If you came to our June, July, or August events, you’ll know that May was unusually busy and that your typical experience is much more positive.

If you’ve never been to What the Truck?! before, that’s okay too – we’d love to see you on Friday! Be sure to come prepared by checking out our FAQs and reading our Tips & Tricks page.

Stay tuned to our website, Facebook event, and Twitter for updates and other details!