Get your address now!

Microsoft opened up registration for their @live.xx domains today! You can head over to the site to register for your local address (in Canada that would be Of course, if you’re like me, you want an address too. You can sign up for that one here (click the “Get it free” button).

I can’t imagine how much Microsoft spent on the “live” domains, but they’ve got a ton of them. You can sign up for many more by following the links here, if you’re so inclined. The new “Linked IDs” feature will definitely come in handy now!

I just registered and and linked them. Wicked!

Also, if you’ve got a Hotmail account that you want to transition to, check out this page. You’ll have to do a bunch of migration steps, and not everything can be transferred. Personally I like the address, so I’m keeping mine.

There you go, enjoy!

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