Wishes for 2007

Post ImageInstead of predictions for the coming year, I’ve decided I’d rather just post some wishes. Lots of my predictions from last year were wishes anyway! So here they are, in no particular order.

I wish…

  • …the Edmonton Oilers could once again go all the way to the Stanley Cup Final after some truly impressive trade-deadline maneuvering by Kevin Lowe. And I hope they win this time!
  • …the Xbox Live Video Marketplace would come to Canada.
  • …that I could graduate and not have to go to school anymore!
  • …my parents would come to Edmonton for a bit in the summer!
  • Spider-Man 3 could become the top box office movie of all time, eclipsing Titanic. Seriously, it’s gonna be a kick ass movie!
  • …that Podcast Spot could become the number one podcast site on the net.
  • …that I could get a MacBook. And a new desktop with Vista.
  • …Microsoft would release Halo 3.
  • …that Microsoft would fix Outlook 2007!
  • …that by the time August rolls around I’ve found a good apartment downtown.

This will be a “living” list, which means I intend to come back and add to it later.