The Matrix Revolutions

Well now time for a real post!

I saw the Matrix Revolutions on Wednesday night with Megan, Mike, and some other people. If you know me, you’ll know that I have been waiting many, many months to see this movie. So when I first left the theater, I felt really disappointed! However, after thinking about it for a day or so, things are making sense in my head, and I am beginning to really like Revolutions (which either way, was much better than Reloaded). I am going to see it again tomorrow night in IMAX, so over the weekend I will create my Matrix page with reviews and the like.

In the meantime, go see the movie! Even if you don’t like how the story goes, it is by far the most advanced technical achievement in movie history! 

One thought on “The Matrix Revolutions

  1. It’s All Fake, The Matrix / Truman Show is Real – The Real World Does Not Exist
    The whole world is living in a real Truman show/ Matrix.

    What people know of the real world has nothing to do with real life experiences but is second hand from books, TV and the Internet.

    People tend to visit the same places over and over again.

    Recently published scientific research states that most people don’t have first hand evidence of distant places. People only travel in a small area around their work and home.

    The Matrix is real 😉

    See here for scientific research:–truman-show-is-real—the-real-world-does-not-exist

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