Long time no blog! It has been an extremely busy month, even though I thought it wouldn’t be that bad. Anyhow, lots of things happening!

I attended the Heritage Hockey Classic on Saturday (thanks Megan) which was totally awesome! And yes, it was very, very cold, but it was definitely worth it. Aside from the hockey itself, the Snowbirds and the F-18 which flew over the stadium were definitely a highlight. Oh, and if you ever use those hotshots (little heat packets) make sure you open them in a warm room! Exposing them to cold air doesn’t seem to work 🙁

Today is the Academic Tour event for Edmonton! I have no idea what the attendence will be like, but I hope everything goes smoothly. Further to that, I want to launch the new academiclonghorn.com site shortly, so watch for an update on that!

Also, sometime this month I happened to see Matrix Revolutions a third and final time, completed a pretty big project for CMPUT 301, and got the Edmonton .NET Wizards registered as a non-profit organization with Dickson.