Interesting Article: My So-Called Blog

Today I was meeting with a good friend of mine, Jennifer, who happens to be in the field of education. She had a photocopy of an interesting article published yesterday in the New York Times entitled “My So-Called Blog”. While the article tends to focus on the younger bloggers (teenagers around 15) it raises some interesting points about the effect blogging is having on society. Throughout the article, the word journal is used much more often than blog. Perhaps this has something to do with the age of the bloggers? I read quite a few blogs, granted most of them are related to software development, but I generally don’t get the feeling that a blog is a journal, at least not in the traditional sense. Maybe the meaning of the word is changing 🙂

In the same vein I came across this post today from Shawn Morrissey which introduces “Blogging the Market”:

Overall, it’s an optimistic view of the power of weblogs to challenge business marketing and strategy, internal communication, innovation, etc. provided through examples and analysis.

I haven’t read the paper (which appears to be rather lengthly) yet, but I will probably have to at some point – my interest in blogs and society is too great to ignore such a find, even if it is slightly manifesto-ish.

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