Nothing but C# for me!

One of the classes I am taking this semester is CMPUT 379 entitled “Operating System Concepts”. Our first programming assignment is to create “scpshell”, essentially a secure version of FTP. We are to program it in C, and make use of existing assemblies like ssh and scp. While the assignment isn’t all that hard, I was literally stumped when starting out!

I haven’t programmed in C/C++ in so long, that everything just felt archaic compared to C#! Some might think that C# isn’t as hardcore as C/C++ and perhaps not, but why use something that takes many times longer to produce the same result? I had to stop and think about passing strings and parsing a string for whitespace! This sort of thing is so easy to do in C#, you don’t even think about it! Anyways, as this post is going no where, here’s my two cents:

Thank goodness I am a programmer in the age of C# and future languages!

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