Is Printer Ink Toxic?

Anyone know if the ink from inkjet printers is toxic? I swear I got dizzy after folding all those pamphlets…the ink doesn’t smudge, but it rubs on to your fingers after a while. And it doesn’t come off easily! It was like Macbeth all over again – out, out damn ink!

Anyway, as a follow up to my last post, make sure your printer has efficient ink usage (like individual color cartridges). Otherwise your costs will get quite high!

7 thoughts on “Is Printer Ink Toxic?

  1. Most printer ink in general tends to not be very harmful. The PGI-220Bk For example contains, glycerin, glycol, lactam, and water. None of which would be potentially fatal if swallowed although I wouldn’t recommend it some of these chemicals are known to cause irritation or unpleasant, but not lethal symptoms. Here’s the link to an article if your interested that explains how harmful printer ink can actually be, and also contains links to find out what the MSDS or chemical report of your exact printer ink cartridge is. Hope it helps:–Toxic

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