Tsk Tsk Ladies!

Well I am sure you have all heard Eamon‘s “F*ck It (Don’t Want You Back)”. If you haven’t, you should, its an interesting song. Probably the most profane song played on the radio in history! Eamon is hosting Most Requested for Carson Daly tonight.

Anyway, of course someone wrote a “reply”. A female artist named Frankie (or Frankee?) has written a song called “F*ck You Right Back”. It’s also a pretty good song, but this lyric from the chorus made me laugh:

F*ck what I did was your fault somehow

Oh how I laughed! So typical of a female! (I expect the wrath of Megan in the comments now!)

7 thoughts on “Tsk Tsk Ladies!

  1. women will never understand us, and we will never understand us, both will always be stubborn and never give way, so take this advice, let ’em be right, get some play, and know that you have owned them, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no worries Mack, it’s your blog, censorship only goes so far, even in communist countries haha

  2. definitely men….it’s just common knowledge that women are smarter. doesn’t mean we’re mor reasonable, but we are smarter (of course, when you throw people like dickson into the fray…it’s hard to tell either way….lol)

  3. I think women are conceived to be smarter in so far that men will always admit that the woman is right to avoid confrontation, so if you think about it, women are smarter to be able to play the game so well, but men are smarter by dodging ensuing mayhem and couch slumber by admitting fault.

    So in the end, who the hell cares, as long as both parties end up well slept, LOL

  4. it was an alright song for a girl if i had to give it a rating i’d probably give a 1 out of 10. Because i really thought it was so crap or hopeless i would say. who does she think she is tryin to get back at cool eamon like the all i can say is that she is a disgrace.

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