A valuable lesson from 391

This weekend Dickson and I were working to start and finish our term project for CMPUT 391 (databases). Over the weekend I learned a valuable lesson – but it has nothing to do with databases! First, here is how our weekend went:

  1. Friday around 11:00 PM: “So we should get started on 391!” says Dickson, “Probably LOL” says Mack.
  2. Saturday around 11:30 AM: Mack and Dickson arrive at CompSci.
  3. Saturday around 1:30 PM: Dickson, Mack, Annie go for lunch at Tokyo Express.
  4. Saturday around 3:30 PM: Mack and Dickson get back to work.
  5. Saturday around 8:00 PM: Greg asks if Mack and Dickson will finish, they reply “with ease! we will have to kill time before the due date!”
  6. Saturday around 8:30 PM: Mack and Dickson go for dinner at PowerPlant and watch two songs by the performing band.
  7. Saturday around 10:00 PM: Back to work again!
  8. Saturday around 4:00 AM: Part one finished! Progress rapid!
  9. Sunday around 5:15 AM: Mack drives Dickson home.
  10. Sunday around noon: Back to work again!
  11. Sunday around 2:00 PM: Dickson and Mack go for lunch at Ho Ho’s.
  12. Sunday around 3:00 PM: Back to work again!
  13. Sunday around 8:00 PM: Mack and Dickson go to BP’s Lounge for dinner and to watch the Oilers destroy the Coyotes in the third period!
  14. Sunday around 9:30 PM: Mack and Dickson go to Safeway to buy coke (Mack 2L) and water (Dickson 1L).
  15. Sunday around 10:00 PM: Back to work again!
  16. Sunday around 11:00 PM: Greg asks if Mack and Dickson will finish, they reply “so much time left! we will WAIT until the deadline to so you can see us press the submit button!”
  17. Monday around 2:00 AM: Coding problem slows progress…
  18. Monday around 3:00 AM: Janitorial staff buffers floors, Dickson yells “I am trying to work here!”
  19. Monday around 4:00 AM: Coding progress resumes at normal speeds!
  20. Monday around 5:30 AM: Mack edits english essay for Greg.
  21. Monday around 7:00 AM: Its light outside again!
  22. Monday around 10:00 AM: “Man I don’t feel too good…”, “Me either!”
  23. Monday around 11:00 AM: Mack goes to a class, Dickson gets lunch, then Mack gets lunch.
  24. Monday around 1:00 PM: “Its good enough!”
  25. Monday around 3:30 PM: Submitted with 1.5 hours to spare!

So what did I learn? You cannot give up both food and sleep! At least not if you drink a 2L of coke during the night. After lunch on Monday, I felt so much better. In any case, the project was *mostly* completed, an amazing feat given the amount of time we left ourselves! You owe me five dollars Greg, haha!

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