Learn to drive people!

Somehow the skies have turned against us and the snow fell today like it was Christmas – only without the joy. The list of accidents on the radio was outrageous, and I was inches away from own accident. Coming down 17th street, it was easy going (although extremely slippery) North (my direction) but backed up for miles going South. Of course, some idiot out of frustration tries to turn around from the south bound lane into mine, right in front of me. I had to swerve way to the right and missed his front end by only inches. Moron.

After that ordeal it was very slow and icy the rest of the way. I walked into my exam this morning at five to nine, just in time! My exams today were both pretty easy, the morning one even more so (MARK 301). If I can finish my take-home exam tonight this will be the first time I have knocked off three exams in one day!

Needless to say with finals and all this snow and bad weather, I wish I was back in Seattle!

2 thoughts on “Learn to drive people!

  1. Hey Mack! Sorry to hear about your winter wonderland weather today but keep thinking about all that beautiful green in Seattle. Inuvik has Edmonton beat though because I do not enjoy SNOW in JUNE either! Glad you arrived safely for your exam, phew! Good Luck with the rest of your exams and remember you are almost finished for the year! Hooray! HUGS from home.

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