Another Failure :(

Well not only are marks coming in, but we found out more bad news today. Our team lost the Imagine Cup. In fact, we didn’t even finish in the top three. So it is disappointing, even though we knew we didn’t have as much working as would have been ideal. The frustrating part is that we think the idea is awesome, and in the worlds, its all about idea and presentation. That is, of course, unless they do some wildly different judging scheme (which is unlikely considering the Canadian was quite similar).

Having said all that and having finished my rum and coke, I wish to repeat on this blog what I said earlier – and that’s congratulations to the winners! A fellow Student Ambassador at the University of Victoria led his team to victory, congrats Mike! There was a lot of great entries this year so I think it’s fair to say it was more competitive than last year. In any case, we’ll be ready for Imagine Cup 2005, so watch out!

And don’t think this means no more crazy programming ideas from myself or myself and Dickson or whoever. We’ll still bring it, we always do 🙂