Jesus caught in the act!

I realize that I haven’t really posted anything lately that is NOT about somewhere I went or something I have done. How selfish of me hey? In any case, I started reading blogs again recently (took a bit of a break) and I came across this post which says that God hates programmers. And he makes a good case for it, linking to this page.

Now look closely at the pictures on the second link. Notice how Jesus is in all of them? With the cook, the carpet-layer, etc. Now notice where he is positioned? He is always RIGHT BEHIND the person! Kinda freaky if you ask me, didn’t know he was into that sort of thing! I bet those poor people don’t even know they are about to be raped from behind.

And how on earth can CARPET-LAYER appear on that page but not programmer, or lawyer, etc?! Even clown makes the list, I mean seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me.

3 thoughts on “Jesus caught in the act!

  1. Well all that matters is that if God hates America and Fags like at those other two websites, he’s A-OK! hahahaha and shut up Dickson

  2. I thought they were pretty incredible drawings. What a talented artist. I work with cows and the artist caught the expression cows have on their faces while being fed perfectly.;)
    Jesus is behind me, not as a rapist but to catch me if I fall.
    The only thing I found a little odd is how much He looked like Viggo Mortensen in some of the pictures or was it just me???

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