The Offical Splogging Guide

So you’ve read all about splogging and now you want to splog someone yourself! Well follow the simple steps in this guide and you’ll be splogging in no time!

  1. Select a victim

    The first step in any successful splogging campaign is to select a viable target. Ideal candidates are frequent bloggers, who receive email comments on their blog, and who don’t already have 100 comments on an average post. Even better candidates are people you don’t particularly like or at least someone you like to annoy or otherwise get a rise out of.

  2. Select your co-sploggers

    You cannot splog alone. Well you can, but it’s much less interesting and effective. Step two is to select one, or preferrably two, co-sploggers to assist you in your campaign. Steer clear of anyone who may grow a conscience in the middle of your attack. Ideal candidates are able to come up with something funny on the fly, adjust well to adversity, and obviously who share your dislike or desire to annoy the selected victim.

  3. Plan the attack

    No war has been won without careful planning. To launch a successful splogging attack you must complete step three, and make your plans. Things to prepare in advance are the time to start, the post to splog, and the content (or at least the initial content) for your splogging attack. You should also plan either a comment count or an end time for the attack.

  4. Launch the attack

    Obviously you must launch the attack to be successful at splogging! During the launch you should execute well on your plan and come up with new angles and topics on the fly. The best splogging attack comes from something that a splogger comes up with on the fly during the attack.

  5. Follow up

    A step which might be overlooked is to follow up on the attack! A splogging attack will always be more successful when the sploggers themselves publicly brag about the event, on their own blogs or on some other Internet community type site. A super splogging attack is when the victim finds out by reading a sploggers blog before checking their email or their own blog!

If you follow these simple steps, your splogging attack will be a success and we can add another victim to the ever growing list! Good luck!

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