Chu made a very cool post today, and no it isnt about girls! He posted the ticker! Check it out, its really scary!

Well neither Dickson nor I have done a update in quite a while, so here are the latest statistics:

  • We are 6 days away from three months of existence!
  • We have launched Blogosphere Media which has released two radio shows.
  • There are 39 bloggers, who have contributed to 386 posts and 22 articles.
  • People have left 956 comments, and linked to posts 18 times (this number should be WAY higher).
  • The site has had 282,057 hits, a total of 26,121 visitors, and total transfer of 4.11 GB (thanks to Chu and Inge’s damn photos).
  • The most popular day in our history was May 10th, when 629 visitors flooded the site.
  • The busiest time of day is from 11 PM until midnight. The least busy is 6 AM.
  • Korea is the 4th most active country to visit the site.
  • Popular search engine keywords used to find our site include “milk”, “animal”, “hunnies”, “hot”, “snowboarding”, “william”, “asian”, “groban”, “and girls”. Most popular search phrase by a long shot is “milk and cereal asian version”.
  • Roughly 55% of you use Internet Explorer 6, and thanks to me, Lynx cracked our top 10 to contribute 2.37%!

That’s enough for now. Let’s keep it going!

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