REVIEW: Papa Roach's "Getting Away With Murder"

Papa Roach just released their new album, Getting Away With Murder, at the end of August so I decided to acquire it and see what it was like. I really liked their “Infest” album from a few years back, but really didn’t get anything out of their followup “lovehatetragedy”. I am happy to say that with this release, I am a Papa Roach listener once again.

I used to listen to “Last Resort” over and over again, I just couldn’t get tired of it. The title track from the new album is exactly like that. I think I could listen to “Getting Away With Murder” many times before I’d even start to get sick of it. Overall the album has a very consistent sound, upbeat and edgy. Some other great songs on the album include “Be Free”, “Done With You”, and “Scars”.

The album also contains “Blood (Empty Promises)”, “Not Listening”, “Stop Looking Start Seeing”, “Take Me”, “Sometimes”, “Blanket of Fear”, “Tyranny Of Normality”, and “Do Or Die”. Total running time for all 12 tracks is just 38 minutes, 5 seconds. Its a very entertaining half hour however!

If the next album from Papa Roach is anything like this one, I will definitely be getting a copy. I think “lovehatetragedy” was an experiment for the band, and I am glad to see that they decided it was not the right way to go. Back to the studio and “Getting Away With Murder” is the fantastic result!

[Listening to: Getting Away With Murder – Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder (03:12)]

12 thoughts on “REVIEW: Papa Roach's "Getting Away With Murder"

  1. this is the worst attempt at trying to expand as a band ever…so generic…lyrics are like cheese metal…how sad they didnt grow like a band should..instead hired a producer and had more efffects

  2. papa roachs 1 albm was out of this world now for the 2 cd i liked it to but its just a little weaker than the first dont get me wrong depression period was great and she loves me not but from what i heard on the raido the other day papa is back and better than ever and for that song they did with the black eye peas that was cool too(Papa Roach is the best)

  3. I think papa roachs new cd is awesome…i cant get enough of it…i think that if people would take time and listen to it they would enjoy it too.

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