Avril & Britney

Ah big news in the music industry (if you care about those two ladies anyway). Britney Spears got married on the 18th of September and according to BritneySpears.com the Friday, September 24th issue of People Magazine will have all the details on the wedding and the couple’s plans.

Guess who’s on the cover of Maxim for October!? That’s right, Avril Lavigne. Looks good doesn’t she? Check it out here. Now to buy the magazine…

6 thoughts on “Avril & Britney

  1. Have you seen Britney’s new video called "My Perogrative" at Launch? It involves alot of her writhing in between the sheets. Well, what I originally came here to do is tell you I have the Boston Pizza gift certificate for $20. Do you want to meet in CAB at 12:00 for me to drop it off?

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