Canada 2.0?

Lots of posts out there describing Canada 2.0 in the wake of the US Election. Everyone thinks the map is so great because we absorb the Democratic states. I think the map is great because the Americans actually got our provinces abbreviated and placed correctly.

Somewhat related and similarly funny is A reader’s guide to expatriating on November 3rd.

4 thoughts on “Canada 2.0?

  1. i like it, i like it a lot. and by my estimations, we get disneyland if it works this way. AND we get New England. That’s some exciting shit.

  2. HAHAHA frigging awesome! I noticed that we take Hawaii, I like that trade, who wants the hick states, trailer trash parks, and tornado alley ANYWAY? Although I’d love to take the US Virgin Islands and Florida, oh well, guess we can’t have it all…yet 🙂

    and the expatriating thing, ironic that it’s Harper magazine, I’d leave the country if Stephen Harper was PM.

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