MSN Spaces and Messenger 7.0 Beta!

Two very cool things released from MSN today. The first is called MSN Spaces, and is a free blogging service, much like I setup an account just to test it out (and to protect “mastermaq” of course) and it seems simple enough – you can take a look here. One thing I don’t like right off the bat is that there is no XML icon to get the RSS feed! Fortunately, thanks to Firefox, I can confirm that there is in fact an RSS feed for your space. Anyway, I am not moving my blog or anything, just wanted to test it out.

The second new thing is MSN Messenger 7 Beta. I just installed it and for the most part, it looks pretty cool. My first complaint is that they have changed the Away, Busy, etc icons in the contact list. Now everyone is a green MSN guy with the away or busy logo beside it. Makes it very difficult to see at a glance who is online or not. At least I think so – may take some getting used to. Display pictures are more emphasized, and there are two new features called Winks and Nudges that I will have to wait to try as the other person needs version 7 as well. Cool new features? Maybe the option to “Show my last conversation in new conversation window”. VERY useful. The absolute BEST new feature however? The ability to set your status BEFORE you login. Haha I love it!

UPDATE: Is it really so hard to click the link above to get MSN Messenger? I mean seriously. Your comments are starting to annoy me. For those of you that find this concept too hard to understand, maybe this will help:


140 thoughts on “MSN Spaces and Messenger 7.0 Beta!

  1. "The ability to set your status BEFORE you login. Haha I love it!"

    You’re always online and away anyway 😛

    Let me know if you find anything relevant/competitive

  2. In my news show from last nite I mentioned the new MSN Spaces and that there is speculation Messenger 7 integrates with the service. Haven’t found it yet.

    Another cool feature: display pictures appear in the toast that appears when a contact signs in.

  3. Download the ink redistrobutables from Microsoft and it will work automatically.

    I’m looking for a plugin to get MSN working with spaces 😦

    I can get there, I can switch user agents, I can even get the activeX, but the DHTML escapes me.

  4. how do i download the handwriting thing? I got msn 7.0 Beta after long hours and i also have plus so how do i get the handwriting?

  5. omg u guys r not at all hacker or comp smart are you

    if your a hacker: get into a hacker forum and get the firewall needed from the host that blocks all the viruses and use the "hack|search"

    If your not a hacker: simply go to, type in "MSN BETA for download", click on a link and it should bring you to a website that lets you dl it

  6. hey dude how da hell do u get da handwritin for msn beta do u have to download dat aswell?man otha ppl have it and i want it so tell me plz how to do that

  7. ok since everyone is "yelling" out nonsense, i hope someone intelligent reads this. My gf has beta and the ability to write by hand, but when i downloaded it, theres no hand-writing thing at the bottom like for hers. Can anyone help me by telling me what i have to do to get it?

  8. Since I am such a nice person and I actually have a vocabulary beyond fuck, damn, and all that nice stuff, I have decided I will tell you people how to get it! This requires some kind of "ink" function that our current microsoft programs do not have. Hoever, if you go to and download this program the "ink" function is included and it should work, I am going to install it now!

  9. how do you get the handwriting for msn beta fuck i have downloaded a hundred times at least some one tell me how to get handwriting fuck! some one write back

  10. Ok people… This should end the handwriting issues. If you would have taken the time to read a very informative post by Ryan you would know how to get the "fucking handwriting" that is in such high demand.. BUT I will give you the URL again. As stated before by Ryan MSN BETA 7.0 needs certain system requirments and a new Microsoft Office (2003 and higher). OR you can go to this site:

    OK NOW:
    ~DL the file "WINDOWS JOURNAL VIEWER 1.5" (it might start to DL the file itself but if not then select the ‘start download’ link)
    ~after the dl is complete (depending on your OS) you may have to restart your computer in order for it to recognize the new software updates. It may not ask you to do this but do it anyways!
    ~Ok now you should have your handwriting abilities!

    Now lets get back to the important things in life like remembing where I put my beer.. HOT GIRL CHECK IN!!

  11. Thank you so much Monomaniac for trying to talk some common sense into these people. However if you look right above my post you may see that people still don’t know how to read. I find it rather funny how illiterate these people are so I am afraid that I will no longer be helping you folks. As Monomaniac said, it is time to get back to the more important things in life…

  12. Ryan…. I got your steps for getting the handwriting working and it WORKED LIKE A CHARM…

    Here is my impression of this forum:

    A> where’s MSN7
    B> it’s here
    A> where’s MSN7
    B> it’s here, I said
    C> where’s MSN7
    B> it’s here. can’t you read?
    D> where’s MSN7
    E> where’s MSN7
    F> where’s MSN7
    G> can’t get handwriting
    H> do this to get handwriting
    I> how do I get handwriting
    J> how do I get handwriting
    H> i already told you how – do this
    K> how do I get handwriting
    L> where’s MSN7
    M> thanks ‘H’ for the handwriting tip
    N> where’s MSN7
    O> handwriting doesn’t work – help
    P> click here to join the idiot forum
    D>,F>,J> idiot forum? where do I click
    Q> where’s MSN7
    R> where’s my mommy, brain, and MSN7
    S> to Y> insert your own conclusion to the story…
    Z> Should say ‘the end’ but this forum doesn’t seem to end.

  13. Had to bump this incredibly stupid thread…

    some comments made me laugh, others made me cry, but i think it goes to prove… your nothing unless you got a sub 6 digit icq number.

    2 dapeepl hu tink dis is txtmsg ritin is kwika wen u spel al propr


    to ""………


    not email.



  15. HOW THE HELL DO U DOWNLOAD THIS FUCKING THIG!! like sweriously people!! WHERE IS IT!! HELLO..IM TALKING 2 U!! where is it?? GOD DAMNIT PEOPLE FOR FUCKS SAKE….o wait a seccond…I FOUND IT!! yeah yewah yeah GO ME..I ROCK!! lmao….hahahahhaha

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