Blogging Beyond the Men's Club

Here’s more on the “not enough women bloggers” topic:

The perks of alpha bloggers—voluminous traffic, links from other bigfeet, conference invitations, White House press passes—are, in theory, bequeathed by a market-driven merit system. The idea is that the smartest, the wittiest and the most industrious in finding good stuff will simply rise to the top, by virtue of a self-organizing selection process.

As I said before, I don’t think there is a “problem”. If anything, I’d say its more of an early adopter syndrome. And before you argue that with 8 million blogs we’re past that stage, let me remind you that there are hundreds of millions of instant messaging users and even more email users. Saying that “there are not enough women bloggers” is probably akin to saying “there are not enough women emailing” when only 8 million email addresses existed. Absurd.

Read: Newsweek

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