Policing Ourmedia

Dickson has written up a post explaining a few more problems with Ourmedia. I also listened to the interview on IT Conversations that Dickson did, and I have pretty much the same thoughts – pipe dream. I’m ready to be proven wrong, but the policing of content will be another headache to add to the list I created a few days ago.

Marc Canter just kills me. Near the beginning of the interview, he tries to apply the term “open source” to Google, Amazon and eBay because they provide an API for their platform. Aside from the fact that Eric Raymond and others probably have a thing or two to say about that, if those three companies are open source, why not Microsoft? Microsoft is not a software company, they are a platforms company. Windows is a platform with extensive APIs. Same with .NET. Same with Windows Mobile. Same with Office. Same with the new XBOX. The list goes on.

While we’re talking about Ourmedia, if you want to know what its like for users who just go and try it out, read this post and this post from Robert Scoble. Robert described it like this: “The Our Media experience was a bit rough.”

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