The extinction of the CD

When’s the last time you played music with from a CD? I don’t remember the last time, to be honest. I play music from my computer almost 24/7, and when I’m out and about, I’ve either had my iPod or my Zen Touch. The concept of a disc that only holds 20 songs seems so foreign to me now! And even if I have used a CD more recently than I can remember (perhaps in a friend’s car), I know for certain the last time I bought a CD for myself was eons ago. Any music I have bought recently has been purchased online.

I don’t think I am alone. There’s probably tons of other people who also never buy CDs anymore. Digital is the way to go, and so we are, but there are many problems that still exist. Mark Cuban has written an excellent piece on the topic, and offers advice on what the music industry needs to do:

MP3 players are changing peoples listening habits. We don’t carry folders filled with CDs anymore. We carry our library in our MP3 players. We don’t listen to CDs. We listen to playlists that we adjust all the time. We don’t burn CDs anymore, it’s too time consuming. We copy all our music to our MP3 players so it’s all available at our fingertips.

All of our music in a single device. Available to us wherever we are, for whenever we want it. Music how we want it, when we want it. Easy and breezy. That’s how we want to consume music.

That’s not how we are being sold music.

Makes you wonder what will happen to outlets like HMV, who sell hardly anything besides CDs. Why haven’t they done anything to move into the digital space yet? Or even WalMart or other retailers for that matter. What’s taking so long?

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  • Actually, sells music downloads for 88 cents per song. Also the switchover to the an ipod is still quite expensive, so stores like HMV still cater to the laggards who haven’t switched over.

  • Sorry, I made my last comment about WalMart assuming you had read Mark’s post.

    I don’t mean why aren’t WalMart selling digital songs online, I know their store does just like iTunes, Puretracks, Napster, and a dozen others. What I meant was, why don’t they have digital kiosks in their stores that I can plug my device into? Why should I have to be on my computer connected to the Internet to buy a song and transfer it to my device? I shouldn’t have to be. As Mark points out, the cost of doing something like this is trivial for someone like Walmart…they reduce floor space, and have zero inventory, and they still make the same amount (or more) per song.

  • It’s true! And it’s not even music CD’s. I haven’t even used CD-RW’s for data backup. Gooooo flash drives!

    P.S. I’m being spammed left, right, front, and back on Go put that "Enter the code" thing back on!

  • Ah but if you can just purchase it at home or *cough* download *cough* at your own convenience on your computer, why would you go to the store to download it? People are lazy nowadays. They buy a lot of things online, including groceries that get delivered directly to your house. I also have not read Mark Cubans blog. Is this the same Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban??

  • What about walking through an airport? Or in CAB? There are lots of places such "download kiosks" could be placed.

  • PS. i LOVE cd’s. I like the liners that come with them.

  • I have to admit, the CD liners are a big factor for why I buy CDs still, appeals to the collector in me

  • I’d rather see a good website…not the crap that they produce now…than liner notes.

  • maybe you would…but the liner notes (as of now) are generally better than the websites….but why are we discussing this? i know you think that paper is a waste of space…lol

  • Eventually, I think purchasing cds will be more of a collector’s thing to do who want something more tactile.

  • I still listen to vinyl when I can get a chance. I also am a Slowbe and listen to my CD’s, however IF I had an ipod I’d probably use that. I also dont have much music on my computer because I just cleared it, I back my stuff up onto CD’s so I dont reload it and my CD player has better speakers then my laptop.

    Also, at home our CD player is connected throughout the house. Im sure there is some way to do that with a PC now, but I dont have any idea.

  • Your an idiot…CD’s>MP3’s.

    You really find a point in buying music online when albumbase or limeiwre are a few clicks away? i dont know about the rest of you fad idiots…but id rather have an actual album collection that i can have for ever…the rest of you white suburban kids are caught up in the whole ipod hype..

    your blog sucks by the way