May 16th Game Console Showdown

Can’t wait for details on the PS3 and Xbox 360/Next/2? Well on May 16th, both Sony and Microsoft will announce details of their next consoles:

Unless Microsoft decides to move their announcement up, Sony will have the honor of going first—they have their PS3 unveiling scheduled to take place at the Sony Pictures complex in Culver City at 3pm, three hours before Microsoft is set to introduce the Xbox 2/Xbox 360/whatever they’re calling it a few miles away in downtown Los Angeles.

That’s two days before E3, so things should heat up just in time for the gaming orgy that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Read: Engadget

One thought on “May 16th Game Console Showdown

  1. Xbox 2 or whatever it’ll be called better be good, I have so many expectations already, Halo 3, an even more graphic intensive Mech Assault 3, and I wonder if they’ll ever port Half Life 2 for Xbox 2, that’d be a good idea, DOA4 will definitely be a "hot" item, and I don’t know if everyone’s forgotton about it yet, but Starcraft: Ghost would be nice to see on the Xbox sequel.

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