Xbox 360 Revealed!

Yep today is the big day! Microsoft finally revealed details on the next Xbox, named Xbox 360. Check out the amazing specs, a story about the launch, and live coverage of the MTV presentation.

Looks good to me. Three cores, just like the PS3 is slated to have.
Perhaps the most encouraging bit of news about the new Xbox, is that
there should be 25 to 40 new games supporting it’s launch. That’s in
stark contrast to the first Xbox.

Oh yeah, and apparently Halo 3 will come out this year too!

UPDATE: The official site is now up, check it out!
Some other cool features of the new Xbox: free, basic Xbox Live service
for everyone, and interchangeable faceplates for the console! Also,
sounds like The Killers kinda sucked during the MTV presentation – too

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3 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Revealed!

  1. hmm…Halo 3 by this year? Somehow, I don’t think that’s a likely situation. Bungie Studios took more than a few years to make Halo 2, minding that we went from a few scripts of dialogue in Halo CE to over several thousands of scripted dialogue, is a big jump. Unless Bungie has taken all this time to work on Halo 2 and 3, I doubt that Halo 3 will arrive this year, especially since no announcement trailer has appeared, although it’s possible that they’ve gotten the process down so pat that it’s more streamlined…but within a year is just not likely, unless they’re making a really crappy product, which is doubtful that Xbox’s unofficial flagship game would be crappy 🙂

    And isn’t Xbox 360 releasing during Christmas this year? I doubt Bungie would make a release deadline, although it would have the same effect as Final Fantasy X did for the PS2, shrugs, but don’t get me wrong, I’d love a Halo 3 by the end of the year, but not at the expense of quality. Alexei would know more of this…I wonder what he has to say about it

  2. PS3 isn’t slated for 3 cores 😉 It’s something entirely else. We’ll have to wait until later today (Monday).

    The best news is the removable HD, 512MB of RAM, and Silver Xbox Live Service. The rest were pretty much known from the leaks.
    Wireless controllers will be nice.

    There are specs at

    One thing to note is that all games actually support 720p as the standard, and will be scaled down for us citizens who have not made the jump to HDTV. 1080i…. possibly better support, but the 10MB of eDRAM is basically just big enough to support 720p just nicely. Free anti-aliasing… something they have yet to clarify as a lot of the screenshots have jagged edges. This could be due to using ATi’s "temporal AA" tech found in R3xx+ hardware which doesn’t show up in static images.

    I hope for backward compatibility meaning playing the original games with anti-aliasing forced or something like that. It would be a nice thing to have since nvidia is cutting production of the GPU in the Xbox this year. i.e. the supply of xboxes will run out eventually and there are still developers making games for the Xbox.

    Don’t believe anyone but Bungie or one speaking for Bungie directly with respect to release dates. It’s just PR garbage and hopes. Bungie won’t even be showing anything at E3 this year. Gotta have an E3 announcement for something that big. By the time PS3 gets released (probably March 2006), Bungie will only have had 1.5 years to finish Halo 3. It’s just not likely unless they pull off another Halo CE i.e. very few cut-scenes, half the game is repeated backwards, no Live component. Content creation is a bitch in this upcoming generation. Bungie would have to hire an army of developers of all sorts.

    They are definitely not targeting the Xbox 360 release anyway. That’s for Perfect Dark Zero and PGR3. Possibly DOA4.

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