WestJet adds Satellite TV

westjet and bell expressvuI like the idea of making our airplanes more “modern.” That is, Internet and TV should be on every flight! Via Tod Maffin:

WestJet is the first and only airline in Canada to offer an in-flight TV service that can be individually controlled by each guest from their own seat. WestJet’s complimentary satellite TV service offers a selection of up to 24 television channels from Bell ExpressVu in every seatback on all of WestJet’s 737-700 aircraft, including news, sports, music, children’s and leisure programming.

Satellite TV on WestJet? Why would you ever fly Air Canada again?

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8 thoughts on “WestJet adds Satellite TV

  1. You can only watch TV on WestJet’s 700 series aircraft. I just flew back and forth from Toronto to B.C. on an 800 and a 600. No TV on those planes. I don’t believe this is mentioned on WestJet’s commercials.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m new to this site, but I just got an email from a friend regarding WestJet’s 50% off sale this weekend! Did anyone else see it?

    I think it is for within Canada and U.S. travel.

    Anyway, go and check it out at westjet.com.

    I’m going to search for some deals.


  3. I’d still fly AC because of their frequent flyer program, airport lounges with all the free booze that you want, business class, and the fact that AC f/a’s are 10 times hotter and 10 times less obnoxious than welfare-jet. Besides, Air Canada price-matches WestJet and AC is getting on-demand TV’s on ALL aircraft by the end of the summer.

  4. All of WestJet’s 737-800’s are now equipped with the Live Satellite TV. The one, and the only -600 is not, as WestJet is still trying to find a spot to put all of the equipment for the TV’s on it. The -600 baggage pits are much smaller (where the TV equipment is on the -700/-800) and by installing TV in them, there would be no room for baggage!

    But honestly, can’t people live 4 hours without television anymore?

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