Scooba from iRobot

Post ImageI am lazy. Some of you might know this. For others, it may be a shock. Sad, but it’s true! And because I am lazy, I like technologies that make my life easier in some way. For example, if someone invented something so that I’d never have to wash the floor again, I’d certainly be interested! And what do you know, the good folks at iRobot have created the Scooba, a robotic floor washer:

The Scooba is a household, robotic floor cleaner designed for hard floors made of materials such as tile and linoleum. It vacuums up loose particles and applies cleaner to soak up dirt, then dries the floor, which also makes it safe for wood.

As with the Roomba and other projects, iRobot teamed up with an industrial giant to develop the Scooba. This time, it was Clorox. One of the big engineering challenges was creating the cleaning fluid. Most are slippery, and would throw off a robot’s steering systems.

First they give us the Roomba for vaccuming, and now they give us the Scooba for floor washing. Those guys at iRobot are amazing! Pricing hasn’t been released for the Scooba yet, but if you want to get a sneak peak at the robot in action, watch this video.

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7 thoughts on “Scooba from iRobot

  1. Dude, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wash a floor in your life, mind you now that you wouldn’t have to put any effort into it, you might just clean a floor;)

  2. OWNED-ED!!!!

    HAHA! I can blackmail you. And when you get married I’ll pull it out at your wedding so that the wife knows you’re fully capable of housework!!!

  3. I just preordered my Irobot Scooba from, which is the site I always use when I purchase robots, because of their excellent service. I’ve been using the IRobot vacuums for a while now. I still have the 2002 Roomba Intelligent floor vac model, and besides the fact that the battery seems to be getting old, the Roomba still works pretty good! I really can’t wait to get the Scooba.My house is quite big, and because we just repaired the roof, there is a lot of dust coming down… I hope that the combination of Roomba + Scooba will be enough to beat the dust, because my girlfriend is now having bad allergies.

    My expectations are pretty high for the Scooba, what kind of results have you gotten?

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