Microsoft to make RSS announcement at Gnomedex

Post ImageThere will probably be quite a few Gnomedex-related posts over the next few days, so I figured the new graphic would be a good idea. I’ll use it for any post related to the conference – that way, if you’re less interested in the conference and more interested in what Dickson and I are up to in Seattle, you’ll know which posts to read and which to ignore.

It has been rumored for some time now that Microsoft is making a big announcement this weekend at Gnomedex, but this article is the first mainstream press to pick it up (that I have seen anyway):

Microsoft plans to announce on Friday that it is expanding its support for the Web publishing standard Really Simple Syndication.

Microsoft is proposing an extension to RSS that would allow it to better support ordered lists of information. Today, RSS feeds are sent and read merely as a stream of messages, with the order being determined according to the time the messages were sent. Microsoft is proposing a way to add ordering information so that an RSS feed could better handle things like an e-commerce site’s list of best-selling items or calendar information ordered by the date of an event rather than when the appointment was created.

Sounds pretty interesting, and the article quotes Dave Winer, which probably means he’s not against the proposed extension. I guess I’ll be able to post details from the conference 🙂

Read: CNET

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