Seattle Trip Day 2

Even though we were awake and working til past 4 AM last night, we decided to get going relatively early this morning. We made it out of the hotel on our way to eat around 11 AM. We found a bagel shop near the harbor, and had a sandwhich there. Then we decided to walk through the very busy harbor area for a bit, past the original Starbucks which we took a quick look at. It was much, much busier than the last time I went.

Then it was back to work. Eventually we went in search of a food court for lunch, and found one in the second mall. Unlike Edmonton, there seem to be quite a few very upscale shopping centers in downtown Seattle. And of course, the downtown area is always full of people.

Tonight we went to the Gnomedex registration, and then for dinner at the restaurant here in the hotel. I think we ordered too much food, but it was quite good. The conference starts tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that.

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