Adam Curry's Keynote at Gnomedex

Post ImageAdam Curry is on the stage, here’s my notes as the keynote progresses:

  • He’s recording episode #200 of the Daily Source Code right here at Gnomedex.
  • That’s going to be a very historical opening for the DSC, the entire auditorium loud with applause to open the show.
  • Adam just played a mashup, and Scoble started a big party with dancing and goofiness featuring his infamous red couch.
  • Woodstock was 20 years ago today, and Adam says that today we’re jamming with new instruments, and the world is listening.
  • It’s been said at Gnomedex that we’re not the early adopters, we’re the “lunatic fringe”.
  • Adam: We need fuel. From Microsoft, Apple, Audible, etc. We’ve got things we want to accomplish.
  • Adam: The magic really happened when him and Dave Winer switched places, when Adam became the developer and Dave became the user.
  • Adam: “Here’s what I learned as a developer. This shit is hard work! Its an art form, it is 100% art.”
  • Adam: “This power of subscription is really changing everything.”
  • Sounds like Adam is a big advocate of aggregators and other applications just supporting all of the feeds and moving forward. No squabbling, just do it and go, because the end users don’t care.
  • Adam announces that he fully intends to support and use BitTorrent.
  • Music today has the advantage of promotion through radio, though it started to be less of an advantage as radio has become so encumbered by marketing and packaging, etc.
  • Adam is playing a track by Rob Coslo that he thinks is really beautiful, and it is. I turned to Dickson, the piano expert, and he says “pretty good tune.” Apparently Rob has been booked in large venues and is selling his music, and has been asked to do movie scores. The revolution is that we’re sharing, and as a result, generating revenue for Rob. He didn’t need a record label.
  • Time is up for the source code, so Adam shouts out to the developers, to Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, Chris and Ponzi.
  • Now Chris says that he and Ponzi might be doing something for Podshow, that should be interesting.

If you’re going to listen to a single Daily Source Code episode, definitely treat your ears to number 200, recorded at Gnomedex 5 in Seattle, Washington on June 25th, 2005.

Read: Gnomedex

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