Tomorrow's Public Relations

Post ImageHere are some notes on the public relations session hosted by Steve Rubel, and Chris Sloop:

  • Steve: I’m a confessed flack.
  • WeatherBug is one of his clients, and he’s using it as an example during the talk. They used to bundle Gator (adware) and so now they have a big image problem that they are attempting to address through blogging.

What will blogs do to PR?

  • Jack Welch: He says the secret sauce of success in business is candor. “We are socialized from childhood to soften bad news or make nice about awkward subjects.”
  • Steve: “Blogging is PR with candor.”

Here are the WeatherBug announcements being made by Chris during this session:

  • WeatherBug API:
  • WeatherBug RSS: Available to the public in July.
  • WeatherBug Mac OS X: A public beta will be shipping in July.

Darren Barefoot just made a good point that this session has simply been a product pitch for WeatherBug. Steve’s response was that he wanted to show what he did and what he accomplished, rather than just get up and talk about new public relations. In this case, I tend to agree with Darren. I think Steve could have delivered a successful talk without all the free marketing for WeatherBug.

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